This is the press release I am sending out with my CD. I hope it is professional, and compelling enough to turn a couple heads at least. Since I do not really have any press going for me right now, I am not sure what to expect, but you can bet that in the future I will be doing much more of this kind of thing, so this is good practice for me if nothing else. Feel free to point out typos, syntax errors, or just anything that could be made better.


Contact: Roger Kim




Roger Kim’s upcoming album First Day is a direct result of his composition thesis at UC Berkeley, but it sounds anything but academic. By building up expectations using melody, harmony, rhythm, texture or form, and then either thwarting or satisfying those expectations, the music emulates a range of human feelings on a deeper level than is possible with words.

Featuring improvising musicians, Forrest Riege on alto saxophone, Benny Amon on the drumset, and Roger Kim on guitar, each of the five compositions serves as a vehicle for the trio to collectively express thoughtfulness, excitement, joyful delirium, sadness and tenderness, and the range of emotions in between.

Forrest’s singing alto converses with the listener with these thoughts in mind as much as it reacts to Benny’s tastefully interjective drumming. These interactions play out almost telepathically over Roger’s guitar playing, which simultaneously defines the texture, and harmony of the soundscape. Combined, this trio brings together all of the interplay and spontaneity of the best jazz playing with an overwhelmingly humanistic quality.

First Day is set to be released on Tuesday October 18th. It will be available through CDBaby and on iTunes. Roger Kim will be playing at Vessel Gallery in Oakland at 2:30 pm and Momi Tobys in San Francisco at 8pm to celebrate the release of the album.


If you would like more information, or would like to contact Roger Kim, you can do so directly at (510)-557-4047 or by e-mail at roger@rogerkimmusic.com

Pictures and more information can be found at http://rogerkimmusic.com