Years ago I transcribed Django Reinhardt’s solo on “In a Sentimental Mood” and I posted myself playing it on youtube. Since then I’ve gotten numerous requests for the “tab.” Despite knowing that it would be better for all of these young players to transcribe it themselves, I wanted to help them out because I remember how terribly inaccurate my first transcriptions were, and I worries that they would just find a tab elsewhere with its own dubious claim to accuracy.

The problem was I never really tab things out, and I never got around to creating this oft requested file. Instad, I used to send out photocopies of my terribly illegible original transcription in my tiny moleskine notebook, which I misguidedly decided to use for all my transcriptions.

django in a sentimental mood

Some good Samaritan received my messy note, and sent me back a crisply notated and tabbed pdf of my transcription. So here it is: In a sentimental mood tab.pdf . Enjoy.

No I’m not going to charge for the transcription and tab. I didn’t even write out the tab myself, and if I wanted to make money off of transcribing things I would be doing much more of it.

My real get rich quick scheme involves a new youtube channel in which I teach music theory from the very beginning to hopefully quite an advanced level. If you came here for the tab and feel like paying me back, have a look and subscribe (if you like) to my new channel. The first two videos are posted below, even though they aren’t officially published yet (as of 2/15/2016).