Posted on September 28, 2011

The Cd’s arrived!

pile of First Days

I am resetting the “Official Release Date” to be the 18th of October. Hans Wendl, whom I work for, and whom I like to consider a friend, gave me some tips on how to reach out to reviewers and jazz DJ’s and what not, and Tuesday is the day to officially release something. All of this is kind of smoke and clouds hullaballoo to me, but who am I to argue?

Upcoming events for the CD release include CD release party edition of my regular gig at Vessel gallery on Oct 15, and The CD release party edition of my regular gig at Momi Tobys on Oct 16. Word has it that alto saxophonist Forrest Riege, from my original CD band will be playing at these gigs.

Anyway I am crazy busy doing all the work to mail out cds, grabbing addresses, writing on envelopes, making sure everyone gets their rewards. Then I have to reach out to the leads Hans gave me. In the meantime I am seeing concerts, going to jam sessions (did I mention that I got to play with Mark Levine?) and doing gigs. And also doing work for Hans, who unfortunately, is in the middle of a website crisis.

Funny… I always feel like life is not going fast enough, but when I write it out I wonder how I can keep up.