Trio M at Yoshi’s

Posted on February 15, 2012

I was lucky to catch the last 20 minutes of the trio m show at Yoshi’s last Monday.

As soon as I entered the club I nonetheless felt immediately absorbed into the music. Mark, Matt, and Myra have this aura of connectivity that lets you tune in very quickly. They seemed so connected to each other, that their seemingly atonal, and sometimes nontonal wanderings gelled together with incredible coherency.

Myra surprised me by saying that they couldnt really hear each other – that the sound on stage was not so good, and that they were really just trying to play to the vibe. I could not tell at all, though I only came in at the end, it seemed to me like they were in a very natural musical environment, which is to say – on par with every Trio M experience I’ve ever hard.

I came in in the middle of some sort of free improvisation which Mark then launched in the spritely four chord ekonemi – a grooving simple tune that is at the core of what makes me love Trio M. They are capable of the utmost finesse and musicality when it comes to free and “out” playing, but at heart they are drawn together by traditional harmony and have deeep pockets when it comes to a groove.

I am glad I saw what little I did; I came to Yoshi’s with the thought of just saying hi to Myra because I was sure I was going to miss the whole concert. I could just as easily have missed the whole thing.

February Update

Posted on February 4, 2012

I’d like to announce a couple firsts for the month of February:

A new band I joined, Mari Mac and the Monitors, is going to have their first show (at least first with me in it) next Friday Feb 10th at 50 Mason Social House. We’ll be playing swing and R&B from the 50’s so come prepared to dance and have a good time. Go to this page for details.

First Day will be participating in the 2nd Vessel Gallery Acoustic Music Festival on Saturday February 18th. While Vessel is something of a “second home” for us, this will be our first festival appearance there. I am especially excited to share a bill with Phillip Greenlief, who is wild.

As usual, you can catch me at Momi Toby’s with First Day about every other Sunday. This month we will be there on the 12th and the 26th. Note that we are starting at 7:30, which is a little earlier than we have been, and ending earlier as well.

If you are out in Concord on the 19th, check out Panama Red Coffee at noon to see First Day (the whole trio this time). Come a little earlier if you want to see me sit in and subvert the stylings of Wesley Woo, singer songwriter extraordinaire.

Finally I am working on a new project, combining the beautiful baroque style of Bach’s solo violin sonatas and partitas, with the melodies of Cole Porter. It’ll be a while before I can get to work in earnest on the writing and arranging, but here is a taste of how I want it to sound: